Basic to Intermediate Laparoscopy Workshop

A/Prof Yen Chih-Feng

This course is for the basic to intermediate level surgeon. It aims to equip participants with the foundations of laparosopic surgery. This includes a combination of lectures and intensive wet lab exercises. Participants will be able to receive tutelage from experts in small groups. Participants will also be equipped with the concepts and techniques behind intermediate to advanced level procedures such as cystectomy, myomectomy and hysterectomy. Furthermore, participants will also learn how to deal with laparoscopic complications without the need to convert to laparotomy.

At the end of the course, delegates should be able to:

  • Improve tissue handling skills, laparoscopic dissection techniques and laparosopic suturing skills
  • Identify and dissect the anatomy of the pelvic side wall, vessels and lymph nodes
  • Deal with laparoscopic complications Bowel, Bladder Repair, Vessel Injury, Application of haemostatic and adhesion barriers


Basic to Intermediate Laparoscopic Animal Workshop

Date & Time:

1200 – 1730, 6 July 2017


SGD 900* includes breakfast, lunch and Registration to Main Congress
*SGD 720 for APAGE Members, Fellows and Residents


Academia, 20 College Rd, Singapore 169856
How to get there?

Chief Instructor:

A/Prof Yen Chih-Feng


Dr Angela Aguilar, A/Prof Chew Min Hoe, Dr Foo Fung Joon, Dr Veerapol Khemarangsan, Dr Khoo Chong Kiat, Dr Smita Lakhotia, Dr Sevellaraja Supermaniam, Dr Alexandriia See, Dr SHM Siraj, Dr Wei Wei Wee-Stekly, Dr Aranya Yantapant, A/Prof Yu Su Ling

Residents, Gynaecologists, General Surgeons, Surgical Oncologists

Day 3 – 6 July 2017, Thursday

Timing Event Speaker
1200-1230 Lunch & Registration: B1
1230-1240 Opening Address/ Introduction of Faculty Dr Wei Wei Wee-Stekly
1240-1255 ABC of Laparoscopic Surgery:Surface Anatomy , Port Geometry , Safe Entry and Electrosurgery Dr Wei Wei Wee-Stekly
1255-1310 Laparoscopic Cystectomy and its effect on ovarian function:Methods, Tips and Tricks Dr Cynthia Kew
1310-1330 Myomectomy: Laparoscopic or Open? Is there any evidence behind pre-operative treatment? Dr Sevellaraja Supermaniam
1330-1340 Gowning A/Prof Yen Chih-Feng
1340-1450 Hands-on: Pelvic Wall Dissection:Illiac Vessels, Ureters, (Optional: Pelvic and Aortic Lymphadenctomy) Faculty
1450-1550 Hands-on: Hysterectomy & Laparoscopic Suturing Faculty
1550-1605 Tea Break
1605-1615 Lecture:Bowel Injury/Repair A/Prof Chew Min Hoe
1615-1625 Lecture: Vessel Injury and the use of Haemostatic Agents A/Prof Yen Chih-Feng
1625-1730 Hands-on: Bowel Repair, Application of Haemostatic agents, Adhesion Barriers Faculty
1730 Closing Address A/Prof Yen Chih-Feng
1800 Bus Leaves Academia for Meet the Experts Dinner