Program Overview

APAGE Regional Congress 2018, Singapore

Main Congress

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Day 1: 28 June 2018, Thursday (Auditorium, KKH)

Timing Event Speaker
0730-0800 Breakfast/ Registration
Session Chairs: Suan Tiong BEH, Anthony SIOW, Danny CHOU
0800-1000 Live Surgery: Laparoscopic Myomectomy in a Woman Desiring Fertility Michel Canis
Session Chairs: Kuen Ting CHAN, Devendra S/O KANAGALINGAM, Wei Seng LAW
1000-1200 Live Surgery: Laparoscopic Excision of Endometriosis/ Endometrioma Masaaki Ando, Yoshiaki Ota
Session Chairs: HO Tew Hong, Timothy LIM, Ching Hsien SUN
1200-1300 Live Surgery: Transcervical Resection of Myoma in a Subfertile Woman Michel Canis
1230-1330 Lunch served at 1200hrs
Session Chairs: Irene CHUA, Wachyu HADISAPUTRA, Keen Whye LEE
1330-1430 Live Surgery: Transcervical Resection of Myoma in a Subfertile Woman Bernard CHERN
Session Chairs: Amphan CHALERMCHOKCHAROENKIT, Cynthia KEW, Jasmine MOHD
1430-1630 Live Surgery: Laparoscopic Excision of Endometriosis/ Endometriomas Michel Canis
Session Chairs: Yoke Fai FONG, Sevellaraja SUPERMANIAM, Chih-Feng YEN
1630-1830 Live Surgery: Laparoscopic Excision of Endometriosis/ Endometriomas Masaaki Ando, Yoshiaki Ota
1830 Closing Address

Day 2: 29 June 2018, Friday

Timing Event Speaker
0800-0815 Registration
0820-0825 Welcome Address Bernard CHERN
0825-0830 Opening Address LEE Chyi-Long
Session Chairs: Jasmine MOHD, Heng Hao TAN, Relly Yanuari PRIMARIAWAN
0830-0850 Fibroids and Fertility: when to operate on fibroids Amphan Chalermchokcharoenkit
0850-0910 Myomectomy and Risk of Uterine Rupture in Pregnancy:
review of evidence between laparoscopic and abdominal approaches
0910-0930 Hysteroscopic management of Intracavitary Lesions to Improve Fertility Su Ling YU
0930-0950 Advances in Surgical Treatment of Uterine Abnormalities Chyi-Long LEE
Session Chairs: Danny CHOU,Hak Koon TAN, Hua Sieng TING
0950-1010 Laparoscopic Tubal Surgery:
surgical techniques of tubal recannulation and reversal of ligation
Heng Hao TAN
1010-1030 PCOS and Fertility: role of laparoscopic ovarian drilling Suan Tiong BEH
1030-1050 Revisiting the Surgical Management of Ectopic Pregnancies Chih-Feng YEN
1050-1110 Laparoscopic fertility sparing surgery in various situations
– Fibroids, deeply infiltrating endometriosis and cervical cancer
Masaaki ANDO
Session Chairs: Navamol LEKSKUL, Seong Feei LOH, Cynthia KEW
Videos on Overcoming Challenges in Complex MIS
1. Tips and Tricks in Managing Multiple Fibroids
2. Difficult hysteroscopic myomectomy
3. MIS for Pelvic Adenomyosis and Endometriosis
4. A Method of Ureter Identification in Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
6. Peritoneal Inclusion Cyst Dissection
Yasuyoshi HAYASHI
Kuen Ting CHAN
Yoshiaki OTA
Danny CHOU
1220-1300 Lunch
Session Chairs: Su Ling YU, Tae Joong KIM, Wei-Wei WEE-STEKLY
1300-1345 Debate: IVF is Superior to Tubal Reanastomosis for Pregnancy Outcome Proposing team:
Suresh NAIR, Seong Feei LOH

Opposing Team:
Jerry CHAN, Chong Kiat KHOO
Session Chairs: Wisit SUPAKRAPONGKUL. Navamol LEKSKUL, Suresh NAIR
1345-1405 Surgery for Endometriosis: Surgical Pearls to Deal with Anatomical Alterations
and Reduce Complications
Ching Hsien SUN
1405-1425 Adenomyosis and Fertility: Is There Any Role in Surgical Management? Tae Joong KIM
1425-1445 Approaches to the Management of Subfertile Patients with Deep Endometriosis Michel CANIS
1445-1510 Tea Break
Session Chairs: Chong Kiat KHOO, Aranya YANTAPANT
1510-1630 Oral/Video Presentations
1630-1645 Prize Presentation and Closing Address Bernard CHERN
Chong Kiat KHOO

Hysteroscopy Workshop

Day 3: 30 June 2018, Saturday

Timing Event Speaker
0800-0815 Registration - PSL 1 (Level B1)
0815-0830 Opening Address/ Introduction of Faculty A/Prof Bernard Chern/
Dr Navamol Lekskul
0830-0900 An Overview of Hysteroscopy A/Prof Bernard Chern
0900-0915 Introduction to Operative Mechanical Resection and Intrauterine Morcellator A/Prof Yu Su Ling
0915-0920 Briefing: Workshop Stations and Rotation Dr Navamol Lekskul
0920-1230 Hands-on:
12 Diagnostic Challenges
Hysteroscopy, Camera Navigation, Hand-eye Coordination
Operative Mechanical Resection and Intrauterine Morcellator
1230-1245 Discussion and Closing of Workshop A/Prof Bernard Chern/
Dr Nevamol Lekskul
1245 Group Photo-taking & Lunch - Level 1